Veronica Spagna

Into the Spiral

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Do It Yourself Pottery activity

The pottery offers a chance to meditate in a way that many people find easier than sitting still in a room and focusing on the breath. It is a relaxing, repetitive craft that can be done as a means of mindfulness. The combination of gentle recurrent hand motions and focus on the work is a stress-reducer and a path to being present in the here-and-now.


Anxiety relief through pottery workshop. Experiment with a hands-on meditating activity to reconnect with natural materials (like clay) and yourself and your emotions



    Pt. 1 Shaping

    - Add grounded coffee to the block air dry clay
    - Create layers of clay and wretch it to achieve a good consistency and well distribution
    - Roll it out with a bottle to make it flat and approximately 0,5cm
    - Take the referenced jar or glass dimensions and cut a piece of paper of the same height and circumference as a template
    - cut the slab according to that rectangle template and cut around according to the base of the same jar/glass for the bottom piece
    - Use the same jar to build the clay around it
    - Scratch both ends of the slab to merge them together and add a bit of water to make it stick
    - Smooth the ends together and to the bottom piece

    Pt.2 let them dry for at least one hour.

    Pt.3 Painting

    - Mix 2 teaspoons of instant coffee powder with a little bit of water
    - Add as much water as to how strong the colour you wish to be
    - Paint your clay pot as you wish it to look like


    This activity had been created by participants of Muses - Youth Exchanged financed by Erasmus+

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