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Induction is key

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Plan induction for newcomers in order to provide them all the necessary information for them to be equipped and to feel part of the team. It has to be done by a team member (a tutor) and be prepared. It may concern activities, inputs, stakeholders, ways of working, values, rituals, governance, tools, frameworks, ...



The goal is to onboard newcomers in a team by providing them all the necessary information and ways of working to feel equipped and part of the team.


Prepare the induction: 

- First find a tutor (on a voluntary basis, or based on skills, select your method to find a tutor)

- The tutor (with the manager and/or other team members) define the induction plan (list of activities to perform with the newcomer, people to meet, documents to provide, ...) and who can support.

- Think about all the aspects: technical of course, but also ways of working, rituals, values, behaviors, empowerment frame if you designed it, ... 

Execute the induction:

- Start by welcoming the newcomer and introduce him/her to the team members

- Execute the induction plan

- Ask for feedback in order to improve your induction routine.

- 3 months after induction, you can also ask for a 'Discovery report'


This practice can be used in any team for all newcomers

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