How to make toast

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Use this exercise to introduce people to analyse and solve problems together. Everyone feels engaged and is part of the solution.



Get participants to listen to each other, understand different angles and aspects of a process. This helps to create ambiguity tolerance and psychological safety.




    Provide participants with sticky notes and pens. Explain that the exercise is about reaching a common understanding.

    ∙ Ask participants to draw how they make toast. Each step comes on a separate sticky note. Important: Only pictures!

    ∙ Ask them to bring all sticky notes to the front and to create a shared understanding of the process "how to make toast"

    Discuss the results. Ask if something is missing. Now repeat the steps with a relevant (real business) process for analysis or optimisation.

    Use this method also to overcome silo thinking.


    This method is part of the WonderCards kit. Originally from Tom Wujec (watch his TED talk in preparation). Tom also has a page with additional ideas: DrawToast.com 

    If you'd like to have a personal pack of WonderCards (offline, on paper!), please don't hesitate to klick in our 24x7 open shop: https://petranovskaja.com/shop/

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