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Guided meditation inspired by Harry Potter

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A guided meditation placed in the wizarding school Hogwards to help you familiraze with your fear.



Embrace your fear and make it an ally in some way



    Firstly, let the participants calm down and breath deeply, you can gently lead them to achieve this. When it feels righ you can slowly lead them to the Forbidden forest or a hogwards classroom, let them explore it a bit (what is the floor made out of, is there someone with them, what does is smell there like).

     Introduce them to their wand (let them feel it) propose them to the idea of safety it reflects, since with it, they have the situation under control, maybe give them a spell, a safe word, that can help them end uncomfortable situation.

    After some time tell them to a strange light that comes to their scenery, it is an unformated boggard, a magical creature showing your biggest fear. Before it forms let the participants explore the light and the light explore them. Reassure them of their wand if needed.

    Let them acknowledge how it slowly changes into the fear. Then reassure again of their wand a let them explore it with the opportunity of the fear just standing there not attacting the participant.

    Afterwards with the wand or just with their mind form the fear eyes, nose, and make it slowly a humanoid creature. The somewhat of a person gives a small friendly nod/smile. Slowly the participant should smile, laugh or at least not as hateful position with the fear, instead of it acklowledge the existence of it.

    Lastly take your wand, say the magic word, and let the creature dissapear, it might stay still with you, but not as big enemy as it was before.

    Then slowly return to the normal world again. If you'd like you can draw the fear or anything you feel.


    This meditation was inspired by the seires Harry Potter, where you can change your biggest fear into something silly/funny with the words Riddikulus

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