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Google Yourself

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A fast, virtual icebreaker designed for participants to get to know each other and have fun!





    Round 1

    Have everyone do a Google search for their own name and try to find a famous/interesting person with the same name. Full name is great, first name is fine!

    Ask for a few members of the group to share the interesting person they found, either verbally or in chat. 

    Alternatively, ask everyone to paste a link to the bio of the person they found in the chat. 

    Round 2

    Next, have everyone in the group do a Google search for their first name followed by "is." So for example, "James is," "Deborah is".

    This will generate some auto-complete responses, as well as other asked questions and webpages. 

    Invite each person to share one entry and how it does or doesn't relate to them personally. 

    For example, I google James is and I get:

    • James is short for
    • James is smiling
    • James is buying a table
    • What was James known for

    I could share whether or not I have recently bought any furniture, or what I am known for. Invite the group to be creative and tell a small anecdote or detail about themselves in relation to what they found on Google. 

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