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GIF challenge

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Create space in your agenda for a fun online energiser where participants are encouraged to find creative GIF-based responses to your questions.



Bring your team together with a fun energiser that encourages out of the box thinking and generates laughter alongside a bit of gentle competition. 



Step 1:

For this online energizer, set-up an online whiteboard or shared Google Doc where people can post their responses to the challenge.

Step 2:

Post a phrase or statement into the online whiteboard and invite your participants to find a GIF (giphy.com is great) and post it into the collaborative space. Your phrase might be something as simple as, “That Monday morning feeling,” or “Good management looks like this.” You can have a couple of questions just for fun, then include some that invite people to creatively respond to organizational challenges and prepare them for your next exercises.

Step 3:

Have your team vote on each round of responses. Use a system such as Mural's voting session or comments and choose a winner. Run multiple rounds if you have time in your agenda and make it into a tournament!

Fancy something a little different? Try using memes instead of GIFs or add songs to a shared Spotify playlist.   

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  • Hey Adam! So in the case of a Google Doc, you can actually just drag the GIF from Giphy.com and then drop it into the Google Docs and hey, presto, it works! You can also copy and paste the share link to the GIF if you wanted (though this wouldn't show the visual in the Doc.) I've used Mural and Miro with Zoom and both support images and GIFs (either drag and drop or their own image searches), though I haven't tried it with Zoom's native whiteboard. :) Hope that helps! James

    about 1 year ago
  • Sounds fun James. Are you suggesting to save the GIF on your desktop and then cut & paste into the Google Doc? Have you found a way to share on the Zoom whiteboard? Thanks, Adam

    about 1 year ago