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Giant Whoop!

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This is a quick final closing activity that leaves a group with a quick adrenelin boost. You could use it at any time as an energiser, although I usually use it to close an event.



Close a workshop or event on a high



    1. Get everybody into a circle.
    2. Allow people to opt out: Tell the group that you want to finish the event well. Invite them to stand out if they don't enjoy physical contact and explain this activity involves putting your arms around the people next to them.
    3. Explain the process:
      1. Putt your arms around the people on either side of you
      2. In a moment, we will bend at the hips and lean forward. We will start humming. It will be low, both in pitch and volume. Over about 15-20 seconds, we will slowly move our bodies up and make the hum louder and higher. 
      3. Then we end with a giant whoop with your hands in the air. Put your hands in the air to demonstrate. This seems to help.
    4. Do the giant whoop. People will follow your lead around you. Go slowly. People will laugh a bit awkwardly after the first time they have to breathe in. It usually takes about two breathes to get to the whoop.
    5. Put some music on straight away. After the whoop, I always duck straight out and push play on some music. This leads nicely into the post-event tidy up and conversations.


    Credit to the team at LifehackHQ ( for introducing this gem of a process.

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