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Get To Know You Better

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This method helps groups to avoid awkward silence at the beginning of the session and instantly start a conversation. Ideal for large groups.



For participants to get to know one another in an easy and fun manner while making the room for positive intention.




    At the start of the session, each person needs to be given a badge with the following three statements on it:

    1.  My name is… 
    2.  I have a question about… 
    3.  I can answer a question about…
    Give everyone time to complete the statements and then allow enough time for the group to meet and mingle with as many other participants as possible within 15 minutes.

    To speed up the activity, give participants a blank badge when they register at the beginning of the session and ask them to write the requested information on the name tag at that time. 

    Alternatively, you could pre-print the badges with the statements and then ask your participants to complete the statements as they register or while they wait for the session to begin.

    When working online: At the beginning of the session in zoom write down all 3 prepared questions in the chat. Give the participants a minute in silence alone (on mute) to prepare answers. Play upbeat music to warm them up if time allows.
    Then assign a room for every pair of the participants using the `assign automatically` option. Select "Open All Rooms" to officially start your breakout sessions.
    After 2 minutes shuffle the participants using ` recreate rooms` recreate rooms" in any order you choose for future breakouts.
    Repeat 5-8 times, so each person can speak at least to 5 people. 


     The Facilitator’s Toolkit by the Institute for Innovation and Improvement ( NHC)

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