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Follow the Leader

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One person is designated as the leader.  Others copy exactly how the leader moves.  The leader calls on a new person to be the leader, and so on, until everyone in the group has had a chance to lead.  

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Create joy and connection
Get people moving and energized
Get people looking at each other


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    First make sure everyone is in gallery view on Zoom. 

    Designate one person as the leader. Everyone will copy their moves until they pass to another person on the call (~15 seconds). Especially on large calls the group will quickly discover that it's challenging to find who is leading. That's fine! It becomes a game of follow-the-follower. 

    Tip: Encourage people to explore the frame of their computer screen. Framing the activity as an exploration of the computer screen can make people more comfortable than if they think of it as a performance or dance moves.

    Variation: play music by sharing your screen and sharing computer sound only.  Then you can have a group dance party, with one person leading at a time.  

    What did it feel like when you were the leader? When you lost track of who was leading? How did your thoughts and feelings change as the game went on? How is this activity like our team? What could this be a metaphor for? What made this game work well? When did it become fun? What would it look like to apply these same principles / skills to our team? 


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