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Flip and Rip

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Creativity through pictures and images



This is a simple creativity technique that enables groups to use the creative side of their brain.




    Setting: A number of magazines with lots of pictures in them. There should be about 150% more magazines than the number of participants.

    Tips for online facilitation: Use digital images (in place of pictures) that can be moved to another location when chosen. 

    Pre-Work Required: Collect magazines with pictures.


    1. We are going to use visual clues to generate ideas. We will use magazines for this purpose. It is important that you do not read the material, but simply rip out the picture and place it in a stack.
    2. After we have gathered as many as we can, we will use them to generate ideas.


    1. State the problem to being addressed.

    2. Give each person two or more magazines.

    3. Ask them to flip through the magazine and rip out any pictures that catch their attention or strikes them in any way. (They are not to read the magazines and they should move very quickly to prevent reading).

    4. After creating their stacks of pictures, they should look at each picture in their stack and  generate connections between the picture and the stated problem. Have them write down the connection.

    5. Write the connections on a white board.

    6. Eliminate any overlap.

    7. Go to an organizing or a selection process.

    Usual or Expected Outcomes: lots of new ideas


    History of Development: Written up by Angie Theonis Teoh for a class on facilitation at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences.

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    • Visuals are really helpful in seeing new relationships. Some people purchase card decks of pictures, but I like the participation in finding the images in this process.

      over 5 years ago