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The goal is to create flags for each of the teams while they start to work together as a team in a creative way.


To start collaborate together




    Set Up

    Invite people to bring fabric to share if they'd like, and supply more. Show examples of strings of flags: homemade ones, and Tibetan prayer flags. Each person could make their own string of flags. Yet it could be even more team-building for groups of 5-7 to each contribute one flag for the same string.


    The designs could be about whatever each person chooses, or something such as "flowers and birds," or each small group could decide on a theme related to their work/project. Decorate the fabric squares. Have someone help either glue-gun or sew the squares onto a string or ribbon, allowing some space between each one, and enough spare string on each end so that the line can be hung up. Hang the results in the workplace. Flags wave pleasingly outside places, or inside near a"breeze" from a cooling or heating fan. Share the clean-up! Take photos of teams holding their flags!


    Discussions/reflections could be about the collaborative process, cross-inspiration, and the level of satisfaction with the decorative results.


    Participants could collaborate to design and create one large flag together. Each flag square on a string could be tiny, e.g. 3 inches, for hanging in work cubbies.


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