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Fill in the Blank

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Identify some of your user's key emotions.

Offer prompts in an interview to uncover people's emotions about things that might not come up otherwise and set yourself up for more engaging conversation.



1. Create a fill-in-the-blank exercise for your user, focused on how they would feel in a given context.

I am happy sad excited at my best successful when I _______ because __________ and ______________. 

Here's an example:

I am at my best when I feel like my space is clean because it makes me feel organized and in control.

2. Once you have a deeper understanding of your users, put yourself in their shoes and fill this out as if you were them.

I am _______ trying to _______ but _______ which makes me _______.

Here's an example:

I am a young girl trying to gain control of my future but everything feels chaotic which makes me feel powerless.

Project Example

When working with farmers on a financial health project in Zimbabwe, we used a similar exercise to understand when families are under the most financial stress and why.

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