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This is a feedback exercise to support participants to deliver feedback that is clear and specific, especially after working in multiple project teams over a longer period of time. The team maps the connections between individuals, then uses specific points of interaction to prompt feedback.



Deliver feedback that is clear and specific




    Step 1:

    Introduce the exercise. Explain that its purpose is to support team members to give each other more effective and specific feedback by visualising the connections between them.

    Facilitator notes

    You can choose to circle more or fewer interactions, depending on the time constraints and the openness of the group.

    Step 2:

    Either on a whiteboard or large paper on the wall, write up the names of the each members. The names should be scattered around, with space in between each.

    Step 3:

    Discuss with the team what a useful timeframe for this exercise would be (e.g., 3, 6, or 9 months), based on how long the team has worked together and how recently the team has worked with feedback. Once decided, write the timeframe at the top of the paper/board.

    Step 4:

    Team members start by mapping out their working relationships to each other. Each member draws lines connecting him/herself to other participants they have worked with within the timeframe using one or two words to encapsulate their interactions, projects, or collaborations.

    For example, Erik draws a line connecting his name to Robin, writing “Re-branding Project” on that line. Each member should draw as many lines as possible to as many other members as possible.

    Step 5:

    Continue until the map is full of connections. Ask individuals to circle three specific points of interaction that they’d like to address through feedback.

    Step 6:

    Once everyone has chosen their points of interaction, run a session using an appropriate feedback method. Team members can give spoken or written feedback, but as always it must be offered and asked for, given with an I-Message, and taken with humility and maturity.

    Step 7:

    Once everyone has given feedback, bring the group back together for a short reflection on how the exercise went.


    Source: Hyper Island toolbox

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