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Escape Hopeland

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60 - 9010 - 30 Medium

Plan several stations in your area. Each station will present a ethical dilemma. Participants are traveling in groups and falling to smaller groups as they are choosing different answers. In the end, they all arrive to the final. The reflection is focused on their decision-making process.



-Development of decision making skills

-Learn new tools helping for decision making
-Train logical thinking in quizzes
-Question your own ethical values





    - Plan of the stations
    - one dilemma for each station
    - one tool for half of the stations
    - one quiz for half of the stations

    Dilemmas examples:
    - Heinz dilemma
    - Trolley dilemma
    - Hedgehog dilemma

    Decision making tools:
    - decision tree/mind-map
    - pro and con list
    - Kant's imperative (make a decision that could be a general law)
    - voting
    - intuition (the first thing that comes to your mind)

    - labyrinth
    - sort the colors of the rainbow
    - find all words taped somewhere in a room
    - find puzzle pieces of a map and connect them
    - Hit 50 points in dart


    There are different stations.

    At each station you will get a dilemma which you have to solve. There are 2 possible answers given. Depending on your answer your path continues differently. So that everybody has the same starting point but people will be split by their answers. At each station you also have either a tool to guide your process or you get a quiz to solve.

    The dilemmas do not have a right or wrong answer.

    If several groups come to the same station at the same time the first group gets to know the dilemma. In the meanwhile the others can play ninja.

    At the and the players get reflection questions while waiting for everybody to arrive.


    • Are you satisfied with your answers?
    • Have you been influenced by others/the majority?
    • What skills did you use to complete the tasks? 
    • Did you find something new about yourself?
    • What was the hardest dilemma for you and why?
    • What was your favorite station?


    This game was created by participants of the Youth Exchange Boomerang. The project was funded by Erasmus+. 

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