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Culture Qs

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cultureQs is a Change and Integration accelerator activity that uses powerful Questions to inspire participants to reflect on the foundations of their beliefs, attitudes and behaviours.



Accelerate Team Integration (Management Teams, Project Teams, Cross-Functional Teams, International Teams)

Accelerate Culture Change Processes

Shape Workplace Culture

Deep Meaningful connection among group members

Conflict Resolution



    1. The activity needs a focus Question. This emerges from client consultation and is visible to the group throughout. It's the purpose of the activity.

    2. All materials are laid out before the group enters the space. Maximum of 6 people per table.

    3. Facilitator introduces the session, sets the scene and invites participants into the process.

    4. Participants engage in the activity (approx. one hour)

    5. 15 minute coffee break

    6. Sense-making with the whole group in one room.

    Precise instructions are available in the Facilitator Handbook. Materials may be purchased from: 


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