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In this short exercise, a group must count up to a certain number, taking turns in a random order, with no two people speaking at the same time. The task is simple, however, it takes focus, calm and awareness to succeed. The exercise is effective to generate calm and focused collective energy in a group.



Generate calm and focused collective energy in a group



Step 1:

The group stands in a close huddled circle with their eyes closed. A variation is to have the group disperse around a room, standing, sitting or lying down.

Step 2:

Explain the rules: The goal is to count to 20 (or the number of members in the group.) Only one person may say one number at a time. If two people speak at the same time, even for the slightest moment, the group must start over at number 1. The group has succeeded when they have counted up to the set number.

Tips for running this activity online

  • This exercise is very challenging to do successfully online, and may fail. That is okay: the failure itself can be instructional! Debrief this exercise to highlight some examples of good online meeting etiquette, and to emphasis the importance of good communication.
  • While you can run this with participants' eyes closed, in an online setting, we’d recommend having everyone’s eyes open (remote is enough of an added challenge!) but ensure they do not say anything except the numbers they are counting up to. 


Source: Hyper Island toolbox

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