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Common Experiences

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A funny way to get to know each other especially in groups of children or teenagers.



To get to know each other, have fun, learn about common experiences.




    Set Up

    All sit in circle/ around tables. The moderator distributes pieces of candy to each person - if there are 10 in the group, distribute 9 pieces to each; 8 in the group, distribute 7 pieces to each.


    One person stands and tells of some experience they've NOT had that they guess most people HAVE had (e.g. I have never been to Hawaii). Every person who HAS had this experience has to relinquish a piece of candy (The meeting moderator goes around and collects the relinquished pieces)

    The next person in the circle says something about themselves that they guess they share with at least one other person in the group (e.g. I have never gotten sick eating too much chocolate), and the process is repeated - all who HAVE gotten sick from too much chocolate surrender a piece of candy to the moderator.

    The last person to retain any of their candy (and thus has not shared as many experiences) is the winner, and is given a prize.


    Distribute more pieces candy so the process can be repeated all around the circle.


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