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Individuals or groups prepare a collage of photos, icons, or quick art that reviews the concepts and skills previously learned in the program. Others interpret what the art and images mean based on their own learning.



Review previous learning, skills, and concepts with additional pair and group discussion as well as facilitator clarification.




    1. Participants or groups create a collage or whiteboard of art, images, or icons that review previous learning. Give parameters about how many concepts, what type of concepts, etc. Possible restrictions like “no words” require participants to be more creative.

    2. Participants share their image using screen share, file sharing, or uploading on a shared platform.

    3. Other participants or groups interpret what the images might mean. They add their own interpretation and details.

    4. Facilitator clarifies and corrects any information and/or verbally seeks more information from learners.

    Continuation options

    a) In communication or presentation programs, the live report could serve as an evaluated or practice presentation. Consider giving other evaluation criteria in advance with this option. Consider recording the live presentations.

    b) In design or visual aid programs, the images and arrangements can be evaluated. For example, instead of a collage, participants can follow specific slide designs or rules.


    a) Participants or groups create collages and art based on concepts not yet learned in the program or based off their individual assignments and research.

    b) Collages can be shared in Virtual World Cafe.


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