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Code of Conduct

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This game has been designed to help set the right culture in a group of people and help build mutual trust. It will empower all participants to act upon the results of this game.



To set the rules of the meeting




    1. Write down the words “Meaningful” and “Pleasant” in the middle of a flip-chart or whiteboard.
    2. Ask everybody in the group to shout out what they believe is necessary to make sure this meeting or workshop will be meaningful and pleasant.
    3. As participants are providing thoughts and ideas, you record the information given in a mind-map structure. Preferably by using images instead of words.
    4. Quickly pass by each of the ideas recorded and make sure everybody has the same understanding of the idea at hand. If necessary adjust the item to avoid misunderstanding. = Values within the group.
    5. Now go back to the first item addressed and ask the participants how they believe would be a good way to make sure this idea is carried out during the meeting or workshop. Record the items attached to the given value addressed. = Actions.
    6. End the game with pointing out that this code of conduct that the group just created needs to be upheld by everyone. Every participant has the responsibility to make sure everybody in the group respects this code. = Working agreement.

    Note: Make sure everybody contributes to the making of the mind-map.


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