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Classic Reflection

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Reflecting both individually and together with a group paves the way for collaborative learning - as everyone shares their experiences of the previous events and day(s) with each other.


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The dialogue in the reflection provides you with the opportunity to explore your experiences and also gives the chance to access other perceptions from the rest of the group.


Reflection helps you to alter thoughts, attitudes, and behaviours that aren’t serving you and others, it also helps you identify what to improve, or to continue doing that's working well!



    Start Prime the group's memories by referring to and recapturing on a flip chart (or similar) any events from the past which are relevant to the reflection. Referring to past events helps the participants anchor their thoughts and feelings to reflect upon.

    Once a healthy summary of the past has been presented to the group, give the participants time to reflect individually in peace and quiet, then in smaller groups, and finally all together as a whole. 

    Make sure the space is conducive to reflection: clean, quiet, and spacious with green. Calming music without lyrics can also help.


    Reflection Theory — HI Proprietary

    Reflection: Team — Hyper Island Toolbox

    Part of a 1-2-4-All process method: http://www.liberatingstructures.com/1-1-2-4-all/

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