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Build a shelter

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6 + Medium


The goal is to help participants be able to notice and tolerate weaknesses of other people.



    Build a shelter is the activity that brings a lot of fun and points out very important thing about norming phase - notice and tolerate weaknesses of other people.

    In the beginning participants are divided into teams and given limited amount of flipcharts per group. There are also resources like paper tape and A4 papers that all teams share and they are located in the middle of a room in the beginning.

    Participants have 10-15 minutes to build a shelter, but each team member has a disability, e.g. can use only one arm, cannot walk or cannot talk.

    The point is to make this hard enough (usually by giving them very little time) so teams will not finish their shelters.

    After that part teams are given additional resources and are free of their previous disabilities.

    Additional 10-15 minutes are usually enough to finish the exercise. In the end, each team is presenting their shelter.

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