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Broken email

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The activity shed a light on the importance of collaboration and how often what is clear for us can be confusing to someone else thus the method can be used to stress the effects of team communication, misunderstandings and shared knowledge.



  • Communication
  • Collaboration



    Set Up

    On a table, place as many pieces of paper with a pen as you have teams. Have pre-made simple images or "emails" made (example: Heart, Tree, Smilie Face, Star, Stickman, etc.)

    The players should be divided up into at least two teams with at least five people per team. Teams should have an even amount of players.


    Have the teams line up in a straight line in front of their piece of paper on the table. Instruct them that there is to be no talking. The person at the back of the line (furthest from the table) on each team is shown a simple image we call the "email". The image is then taken away. Once one person from each team has seen the image, he/she must then draw that image with their finger on the back of the person infront of them. That next person draws on the back of the person in front of them what they think the person behind them drew on their back. It continues down the line until it reaches the person standing at the table with the paper and pen. That person draws the image on the piece of paper. Once all teams are finished, the original image or "email" is revealed. The team who finished first, and drew the correct image wins.


    You can show each team a separate image

    You can give points to the team that finished first, and the team that drew the correct image

    You can play in rounds with teams accumulating points to have an overall winner


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