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Biotransenergetics: Connecting with Mother Earth

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Biotransenergetics & Transpersonal approach

Biotransenergetics is a psycho-spiritual discipline which promotes the full expression of our “intimate nature or spiritual essence” and prefers to address the “qualities”.

The focus is on the inner experience, and on awaking up the power of self-healing of our body, mind, and soul. We have 5 levels: we live in physical boy, we have an energetic level, emotional, mind and spiritual. These 5 levels are interconnected.

Biotransenergetics aims to honour our true nature by listening all the levels.

It aims to realise the awareness beyond rational mind that often it’s an obstacle. To recognize the highest and most creative qualities in human being that are behind problems and syntoms.

It finds its roots in the “primary tradition”, fruit of the primordial yearning of the human being for understanding nature and harmonizing with it.

primary tradition considers the forces that govern the world: forces that belong to the world of nature and consciousness.

This vision is the same as ancient healing systems such as yoga, tantra, traditional Chinese medicine, ayurveda, Tibetan tradition and shamanism. All these traditions conceived a direct contact with the elements of the macrocosm. It was the religion of nature, man tried to harmonize with it. While we today, apparently connected modern men, we have lost this connection with the original archetypal forces.

In shamanism, the shaman took a skin of a deer (animal) and build a drum, and if he needed energy, he would contact the wind energy and become wind, embodying his power and taking the strength he needed.

The elders of the traditional Lakota Tribes say that the western man has lost three great habits: to sing and dance around the fire, to tell stories, to listening to the sweet sound of silence. In essence, modern society has lost the ability to perform rituals and a community that forgets its ceremonies forgets its raison d'être.

In brief, two are the most important elements in Biotransenergetics: the CONTACT and the TRANSE.

- Being in “contact” with own essence means being able to grasp the fundamental unity of the creation inside oneself. We reach that contact when we learn to “stay” in front of ourselves instead of leaving. “To stay” means to develop qualities such as the abilities of observation, listening, and acceptance. It means to develop his own firmness, his own intent, his own awareness and responsibility.

It is only in this way that we can recognize the stream of forces that live inside ourselves.

- “Transe” means for us to actually become those forces rather than to oppose them. It means to develop qualities such as humility, sympathy, reliance, abandon, and love towards any manifestation of living being.

When we master the transe, we can “make one from two”, which means to create the condition to overcome any conflict, that is just the contraposition between two opposite forces. When we master the transe, we become able to transform any enemy into an ally, any symptom into a message, any force into our own force.

We can get to know the forces of the earth, of the water, of the air, of the fire, and then harmonize with them. We can consider every event: an emotion or a wish, an obsessing thought or a guardian angel as an entity which it is possible to enter the transe with. When we master the transe, we can find our place among the forests and the ocean, among the animals and the stones, the waterfalls and the moon, and live all these things as a manifestation of God.

Body of Dream of Nanà

Today we propose a practice of contact with Archetypes, or with the elemental forces that govern the world. In the Afro-Brazilian tradition these forces are called Orixà.

We will do a Psycho-physical practise to connect with Mother Earth, Pachamama, Gaia, Gea, Nanà in the afro brasilian tradition of Orixà.

What does it mean to connect with the energy of Mother Earth?

Nanà is the Great Mother, she is the Mother of the Mothers. And the great mother brings us into contact with nourishment, the abundance of nature and its fruits that nourish us, the support that always and unconditionally gives us, the welcome without ends and surrender.

It's like saying "Mother, let’s think about it, look after me, I trust you!"

Mantra: Saluba Nanà (x3)

Phase 1 : Structured Movement of Dream of body of Naná

1. Knocking on the door of the mother (humility - responsibility, guilt - dignity)

Hands parallel to the ground, palms down, go down to the height of the pelvis, rotate the palms, go back up to the chest. The whole body follows the hands going down and going up.

the hands rise up and guide the movement of the rest of the body, and then descend. Without bending forward. Descend and ascend along the axis of the world. Hands are always very full and not contracted.

I call mother earth. I knock at its doors to hear if there is. I create a contact. I can feel what I perceive, and look at where my mind goes, the mind usually goes where there is something unfinished and then conclude it by sending it to me and hearing what comes from the mother. The mother reminds us not to be stuck to fear because she is below us and there, feel the amount of energy that is released when you open the channel with the mother earth on you. The shoulders melt, the throat softens, the nose opens the chest opens the stomach opens. The legs melt and vibrate to the rhythm of the force that rises from the earth and descends from the heavens.

The more I go down, the more I feel the root to the earth and the more I go up and the more I go up the more I feel to touch the heaven .. my body is doing the gesture, while my energy and consciousness expand. Body soul mind, mudra mantra yantra, feel acting thinking. You are learning how to respect the rules thanks to the qualities of the earth. Universal rules.

2.I knock to the doors of the mother sideways: 2 times your heel knocks to the ground, always points to the ground. If you go to the right the weight of the body is on the left. I do it 2 times and then I knock on the other side. empty and full. Discover little by little the feeling as if you were asking "toc toc", I open the knock and welcome what you have to give me. Do not worry about going from right to left, notice how you distribute the weight. I'm achieving harmony and my inner rhythm. My personal rhythm and I'm on this journey. End, in the heel there is intent. Ok mother to you what is yours, to me what you have to offer. While I offer myself I receive. While I knock, I realize. Prayer medicine ceremony. Responsibility. If you have songs or sounds, they are welcome. Then they organize themselves in words. When I find my rhythm it is as if I entered the kingdom. Then the sun can enter my cells and grace and air pass through me.

Tierra mi cuerpo, agua mi sangre, aire mi aliento and fuego mi espiritu.

I come home, as a moment of check as a degree of surrender and presence. Of the degree that you authorize to live.

I knock to the place of the principle of generating and creative force.

Salubà Nanà

3. Plowing the earth (personal power)

Legs apart and slightly flexed/bent, hands on the pubis, the pelvis goes back, the palms of the hands are turned backwards, the thumbs and the indexes touching form a triangle, the pelvis goes forward, rotates the palms opening them forward and turning the inches externally.

The hands open in front of the pelvis and then converge on the pubis while the pelvis goes back and forth. It is as if there was a blade under the coccyx and you are plowing the earth, you are opening the earth, you are making love with the earth. To sow. You are preparing. This harmony, the movement of the hands is the pulse that rotate as a wheel. When the pelvis is back, the hands press and when they go forward they raise. ... the coccyx must dig down, must penetrate and then receive: synergy. The mother gives unconditionally, but gives and could hurt you. Your intent is to prepare it properly. Other meanings. What are you mobilizing? Kundalini, the place of primordial energy. Of visceral consciousness. Ara/plow in the center of your being. You're putting things right, you're bringing the center back to the center. You are remembering. Find elements of your personal history where you live a sense of inadequacy, fear, anger, unconsciousness, first of all it is expressed with a disharmonic rhythm. Now amaze it with a harmonious rhythm. In all bodies but above all in the territories of passion and pleasure, a life of death. From where the fire of passion originates. You're going to know how it is, how you're put with this size. Empty full earth sky. Home. Here I have cleaned respecting laws.

Pachamama the living earth, I am a child and I realize it.

Salubà Nanà is the mantra of power that expresses the sacredness

What are the emotions, the visions, the thoughts? Feel the field you are activating: perceive the field that expands and takes fluidity, naturalness, expansion, warmth, freedom, sensitivity, uniqueness, pleasure, love.. sense to be out of time ..

Slowly you pull still in the center and also the experience of perceiving the center belongs to the experience of emptiness. To perceive the center in that place where everything freely flows, where the expansion is more freely and there is nourishment. You are perceiving the center and you are perceiving the energies of the environment and the energies within; this dialogue, what is generated within you and expands and what comes from outside, what gives out comes down in you and what emanates from you. Become aware of this dialogue.

4. Pachamare the earth (Leave the weights)

Rotate the torso to the right and to the left, the head slightly pointing downwards, looking at the heel against the side, the soft arms follow the movement of the torso. The legs begin to vibrate, the vibration becomes hopping, rotated in place, 90 degrees to the right and 90 to the left. I let everything that I do not need anymore go to earth.

Movements with progression sequence. Spread the seeds, leave and write off. First expand the rotation until you look at your contralateral heel, then when you reach this height, it vibrates. as you rotate shake and little by little the movement increases. When the shaking has reached a paroxysm it becomes a hopping by rotating at 180 degrees. And you reach Acmen of the shake, reach a maximum and start to decrease and become a complementary. Until you get home. See the synergy and everything is richer and the land more luxuriant. Home to enjoy this abundance.

→ let go of every little piece of you, every identification to access the arms of the mother .. when you jump let an U out. That this sound opens the channel.

Feel from where it is born and where you are identified. It is a sound that goes from the center of the earth to the center of the universe.

Try also just lifting the heel, a part of the foot, the wall sound from there.

Feel how the energy flows in your physical map.

Salubà Nanà

Using a Sciamanic Drum ask everybody to follow the vibration and the movement coming from the physical, energetic and emotional level freely.

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    1) Defumation of space with white sage

    2) Intro of participants (circular round, 1 min each saying who they are, which intention they bring in relation with Mother Earth)

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