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Benefits of not having a Vision

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This is a method to unstick any workshop (a vision workshop or other workshop) where the group is stuck on a step of the process, and unclear about whether the result of the workshop is necessary.



To deal with the following kinds of issues:
- A highly politicized and fairly polarized (yet congenial) group
- A recognized lack of collaboration and partnership
- Votes are split along predictable lines
- Common ground that seems to get built keeps shifting.





    Type of Facilitator-Client Relationship: A great deal of trust is needed.


    Have group members address the following:

    i. What are the benefits of not having a vision statement?

    ii. Who benefits from not having a vision statement?

    iii. How does the organization benefit with/without a vision statement?

    iv. What fears are associated with creating a vision statement?

    v. What keeps this group together despite this long-standing difficulty in collaboration?

    vi. What do we need to do to continue at this point?


    Follow-Up Required: continue with the process

    Usual or Expected Outcomes: Able to move an agreement about the process

    Online Tip

    This exercise can be done without any major change in the process. Online collaboration boards may be substituted for flipcharts. There could be a separate board for each question or it could all be on one board with space for the participants to add their answers using sticky notes, text boxes, drawing tools or uploaded images.


    Source: Jon Jenkins

    Derived from: Paula M. Diller on the GRP-FACL Listserve suggested this. 

    Paula M. Diller <pmariad@SPRYNET.COM>  (original email address) 

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    • As I mentioned in the tip above, this method may be used online quite easily by switching to the use of online tools. The questions may be changed as needed to unstick the group by probing the actual issue that the members have..

      almost 3 years ago
    • A variation on this could write each of questions 1-5 on a separate flipchart, and have a walkabout where people can answer each question on its flipchart and see what others have answered. The final question could be done with the whole group.

      about 7 years ago