Andrea Beliczki

Bad Idea Brainstorm

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Name all the bad ideas to make room for good ones. Coming up with the perfect solution right off the bat can feel paralyzing. So instead of trying to find the right answer, get unstuck by listing all the wrong ones.



1. Gather up 3-6 people.

2. Write the challenge you're trying to solve on a post-it.

3. Set a timer for five minutes and brainstorm the worst ideas you can think of. You can use prompts like: what are the worst ways to solve this problem? What are some unethical products or service we could create? What are some terrible taglines for our campaign? Take the pressure off by letting your worst ideas flow.

4. Look back at your ideas and reflect. Are there any you can turn into a good idea with a little work? Challenge yourself to remix one and make it great!


If you're feeling brave, show some of your worst ideas to potential users and ask them to help you make them great!

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