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Regular, effective feedback is one of the most important ingredients in building constructive relationships and thriving teams. Openness creates trust and trust creates more openness. Feedback exercises aim to support groups to build trust and openness and for individuals to gain self-awareness and insight. Feedback exercises should always be led with thoughtfulness and high awareness of group dynamics.

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Support groups to build trust and openness and for individuals to gain self-awareness and insight


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  • Post it notes
  • Pens/Markers


Step 1:

In a team or in small groups, each person prepares feedback for each other person, based on the following prompts:

  • What I appreciate about (person)...
  • What I’d like to see more from (person)...

Facilitator notes

This is an exercise for groups or teams that have worked together for some time and are familiar with giving and receiving feedback. One team member sits with his/her back to the group, while other members speak about him/her in the third person.

Step 2:

Taking turns, one member sits with his/her back to the group. Then, the other members speak about this person in the 3rd person for 90 seconds. They convey their feedback as if the person were not in the room. Meanwhile, the subject of the feedback writes notes about what he/she hears. Then, rotate, and give each person a turn.

Step 3:

After each person has taken a turn with his/her back to the group, take a few minutes for everyone to review and reflect upon their feedback. To close, do a round where each person shares one or two pieces of feedback that they will take with them and apply in some way.


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