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As-is experience design review

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It's an expert review of the customer experience of an exisiting product.



It's to understand what works and what doesn't from a customer experience perspective.

Do it at the beginning of a major redesign project, in the early stages of a new product development project (evaluating competitors), or afterward as part of evolution.



    Preparation: Show the product you are reviewing, either by projecting on a large wall, displaying on a TV, creating a large print out. Grab your personas and goals or tasks for that product.


    1. Have each team member choose a goal/task and the persona who would complete the goal/task.
    2. Each team member jump on the product  and complete task/goal from persona's perspective. Immerse yourself in the persona and try to achieve the goal or complete the tasks from the persona's perspective.
    3. Team members not preforming the goal write down observations on sticky notes.
    4. Once all goals and tasks have been completed do an affinity map with the observations looking for key themes.

    Things to consider: Consider all the dimensions that are essential to creating a good experience including usefulness, usability, desirability, value, findable, engaging, sticky, gamification, interaction, content, efficient, integration with social media, user-generated content and so-on.

    Consider using the think aloud protocol, and capturing the session on video.


    From Agile Experience Design book

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