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A snapshot of my life

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This exercise is great for building empathy amongst team members, and giving each participant a deeper understanding of their colleagues’ backgrounds (particularly great for international or remote teams). It'll also set a casual atmosphere for the workshop ahead.



Encourage the team to get to know each other a little better, while setting the tone for the forthcoming meeting.



Ask each member of your team to post a picture of something from their life to an online meeting room or to an online whiteboard before the meeting starts.

This could be a picture of anything, but the outcome should be that the other members of the team learn something new about you, or hear an experience you've been through that they didn't already know.

For example, the picture could be anything such as:

- A picture of the local sports team you play for

- A photo which captures the time you and your family got lost on holiday

- Your favourite possession and why it means so much to you

- Your dream holiday destination and why you're so keen to visit it

One by one, the team should share their stories. For larger teams, it may be best to pick out a couple of photos to discuss, rather than talking about each one. 


After everyone has talked about their photo, encourage the team-members to remember the information they've heard as it provides a deeper understanding of their colleagues. You can repeat this activity with different photos for future workshops so the team feel more bonded and familiar with their colleagues.

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