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2 Minute Drill

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Textra Games combine the effective organization of well-written documents with the motivational impact of training games. Participants read a handout, booklet, reprint, or a chapter in a book and play a game that uses peer pressure and peer support to encourage the recall and transfer of what they read.

Here is a fast-paced textra game for reviewing training content from product-knowledge booklets or technical reference manuals.



To quickly understand the topic of any handout in a playful way





    Distribute copies of reading materials. Explain that you will conduct a review game with questions related to the content and encourage participants to study the materials carefully. Depending on their length and complexity, you may distribute the materials several days before the training session as self-study assignment or set up 15 minutes of study time just before the play of the game.

    Demonstrate the play of the game. Distribute copies of How To Play 2-Minute Drill to each participant. Explain that this handout contains instructions for both the player and the Game Master. Pause while participants read the instructions. Then, ask for three volunteers to come to the front of the room. Explain that you will be the Game Master for the first round and demonstrate the play of the game. Invite players to follow along by referring to the instruction sheet as they watch the game in action. At the end of the 2-minute demonstration, point out that every member of a group will have a turn to be the Game Master.

    Organize groups. Divide participants into two to five groups, each with three to five players. It does not matter if some teams have an extra participant. Explain that the players in each group compete with each other.

    Distribute cards. In each group, select a player to be the first Game Master. Give a question deck to each Game Master.

    Begin the first round. Start the timer and blow the whistle. Ask Game Masters to conduct the game with their group.

    Conclude the first round. At the end of 2 minutes, blow the whistle again and ask players to stop. Instruct each player to count the number of Question Cards that were correctly answered. This is the player's score for the first round.

    Conduct the second round. Ask the Game Masters to collect the cards, shuffle them, and give them to the new Game Master (the person seated to the left of the previous Game Master). Conduct the game as before.

    Repeat the procedure. Continue playing additional rounds of the game until every member of each group has had a turn at being the Game Master.

    Conclude the game. After the final round, identify the player (or players) with the highest total score in each group. Congratulate these players as the winners.


    How To Play 2-Minute Drill

    Object of the game. To rapidly and accurately answer as many of the questions as possible during 2-minute rounds of play.

    Instructions to Players

    Receive a card. When the facilitator blows the whistle, the Game Master will give you a question card.

    Answer the question. As soon as possible, yell out the card number and the answer. If you don't know the answer, make an educated guess.

    Replace the Question Card. Wait for the Game Master to repeat your card number and tell whether your answer is correct or not. If the Game Master says that your answer is correct, place the Question Card in front of you. If the Game Master says your answer is incorrect, give the card back to Game Master. In either case, get another Question Card from the Game Master.

    Continue playing. Repeat the process, trying to give as many correct answers as possible within the 2-minute period. When the Game Master stops the round, count the number of cards that you correctly answered. This is your score for the round.

    Play the next round. The game will be repeated for several 2-minute rounds. Use the same procedure during each round, except during the round when you are the Game Master.

    Instructions to Game Masters

    Get ready. Get a deck of Question Cards from the facilitator. Also get a copy of the Answer Sheet.

    Begin the round. Wait for the facilitator to blow the whistle. Immediately give each player a Question Card.

    Listen for answers. In a little while, players will begin yelling out card numbers and answers. Since they will not be taking turns, this will be a chaotic activity.

    Give feedback to players. Check your Answer Sheet for the card number that you heard first. If the player's answer is correct, say “Correct!” and give the player a new card. The player will place the correctly answered card in front of her. If the player's answer is incorrect, give the correct answer, and take the Question Card back from the player. Place the incorrectly answered card at the bottom of the deck and give another Question Card to the player.

    Do several things at the same time. Keep track of the numbers and answers yelled out by players. Call out the next number that you heard and give appropriate feedback. Repeat the process.

    Conclude the round. Keep repeating the process until the facilitator blows the whistle again. Ask each player to count the correctly answered cards to determine the score for this round. Collect all the cards, place them at the bottom of the deck, and give the deck to the next Game Master. Also give the new Game Master the Answer Sheet.


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