Team Kickoff Template

In this 1-hour team kickoff meeting you’ll go through key points needed to organize work. Anytime you start a new project with your team, open up this template to make sure you cover everything you need. 

Created by Robert Cserti – SessionLab

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When should this session be delivered?

A team kickoff meeting is an effective way to ensure everyone in your team is aligned on the scope, purpose, and tasks associated with a new project.

It can be run well in remote and live settings and is a swift process designed to enable further project work productively and efficiently.

This template is created with an existing team of coworkers in mind. For larger, multistakeholder kickoffs check out our multistakeholder Project Kickoff Template that includes more getting-to-know you activities and time for smaller sub-groups to work together. 

Who can facilitate it?

The project lead or team lead is the person most likely to facilitate this team kickoff meeting.

Because holding facilitated space at the same time as providing information and taking notes is a lot to ask of one person, we recommend preparing materials in advance and assigning another team member to act as note-taker. 

Check out the template details including step-by-step plan with instructions, timings, printable schedule and more

About the author

Robert Cserti

Robert is the co-founder of SessionLab, an online platform that helps people design and facilitate better meetings.

Besides developing SessionLab, time to time he also facilitates various workshops and training sessions and particularly enjoys process design for large group workshops.

He was trained as a facilitator and internal soft skills trainer by BEST, a European youth NGO developing students of engineering, where he conducted soft skill training sessions, facilitated strategic meeting, and designed and delivered train-the-trainer programmes within the organisation. During his years as a business process consultant, he got familiar with facilitating operative and strategic business meetings and large group workshops.

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