Team Health Check Retrospective

Easy yet powerful retrospective aimed at helping teams quickly self-evaluate the current state of their team health and track their progress in improving it.

Created by Growit Agile Team


When should this session be delivered?

Ideally, this session is delivered at the end of each sprint.

Who can facilitate it?

Facilitating this session does not require any special certification, however, it is highly useful if you have good coaching skills and are familiar with prioritization techniques.

Check out the template details including step-by-step plan with instructions, timings, printable schedule and more

About the company

We are a Belgrade-based company with associates located in Europe and North America, serving both local and international clients. We are a passionate team of 20 agile enthusiasts who promote the Agile Way of Working. Our projects show that Agile practices can be applied in different contexts, from startups to big corporations.  

We truly believe that Agile methodology has many interesting qualities to offer that can help individuals and organizations grow to their desired level. Grow Retrospective is just one of the workshops from our toolbox that we create, use and customize for our clients. 

If you are interested to hear more, feel free to contact us. Knowledge sharing, co creation and creative challenges are our passion. 

We are Growit – Committed. Bold. Truly Agile.

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