Team Self-Management Workshop

A one-hour workshop designed to help teams improve self-management, autonomy and collaboration.

Created by Nina Pozderec, Switch to Eleven


When should this session be delivered?

Making your team more resilient and better able to self-manage is a great way to improve collaboration, encourage ownership and boost team productivity. This workshop is designed to help groups explore their current state of self-management and ideate on ways to improve along these 8 axes:

  • Autonomy
  • Trust
  • Decision making
  • Regular feedback
  • Experimentation
  • Responsibility
  • Adaptability
  • Transparency

If there are noted challenges or opportunities in any of these areas, this is a great trigger point for running this workshop.

While this session is most effective for teams already working together, you may even include this session as part of a program for new teams, asking them to reflect on their previous experiences and how they would like things to be different with this new group or project.

Who can facilitate it?

Facilitators and managers familiar with leading group processes can easily run this workshop. It helps if you are familiar with self-management concepts and techniques and in any case, it’s advisable to brush up with some research beforehand. (You might even encourage the same of your participants!)

While you can run this workshop offline, it was originally designed to be facilitated with the accompanying Miro board in combination with a virtual meeting space such as Zoom. We recommend bringing a co-facilitator or tech support to get the most from your session. 

Check out the template details including step-by-step plan with instructions, timings, printable schedule and more

About the company

Switch to Eleven strategy & agile studio helps organisations reshape the way they work in order to support individuals and teams in achieving their best performance through self-management. 

We believe that every person holds a certain potential to contribute to the world. We don’t empower people, but enable them to seek their potential through workshops, agile methodology, design & strategy sprints, business model canvasing etc. We enable organisations to adapt and transition to new ways of working & find the best way of working for them in this crazy world.

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