Facilitate the reflection on a recently completed project and identify key takeaways. Suitable to be run remotely.​

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When should this session be delivered?

Once a project or workshop has taken place, it’s important for a team to look back and review key learnings, create an action plan and to identify areas for improvement in the future. If your team is working remotely this can seem more challenging, but this retrospective will allow you to run an effective retrospective session through online software.

After recapping the progression and outcomes of the project you’re reviewing, the team will begin their review by assessing the key things they’ve learnt, what they liked about the project, what the project lacked and how it can be improved for the next time. This will help collect a variety of perspectives and opinions which will aid future projects, as well as emphasising the recent project’s highlights.

The final activity will ask participants to define the key actions that they would like to take in the future, and express their reasons on why they want those changes to happen. The outcome will be a suitable closing to your project, with key takeaways and personal action points noted down and sent to each team member.

Who can facilitate it?

Running this session does not require any special certification, but it is useful if you have some experience in facilitating workshops

You may prefer to appoint a facilitator who has an understanding of the previous project you’re running the retrospective for, however this isn’t essential. Oftentimes, using a facilitator who no familiarly of the recent project brings the benefit of an unbiased perspective, and the ability to lead the conversation focussed on the right process.

Check out the template details including step-by-step plan with instructions, timings, printable schedule and more