Options Map

Generate and evaluate ideas effectively in 2 hours​

Created by Manuel Grassler

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Options Map


When should this session be delivered?

Ever had struggles to generate and select options within a short time frame?

The Options Map is a tool to facilitate idea and option generation for nearly any topic. It uses brainwriting to generate ideas, and then prioritization combined with the Walt Disney method to narrow down and challenge the best ideas.

This session is particularly useful when you want to cut out tedious discussions about pros and cons of an idea and still add a lot of information about it, finding ways on how to improve on it and make it feasible. Besides using it as a stand-alone short session when needed, you may also incorporate Option Mapping in longer workshops where idea generation and idea assessment is important.

Who can facilitate it?

Facilitating this session does not require any special certification. As long as you understand the exercises you plan to do, you should be fine.

Check out the template details including step-by-step plan with instructions, timings, printable schedule and more

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Options Map

About the author

Manuel Grassler _ profile photo

Where Manuel enters the game creative ideas for change follow immediately. His cultivated naivety combined with complex thinking skills allows him to challenge the status quo and identify inspirational ways to change the surrounding. He constantly evolved his own role from strategic procurement via strategic marketing towards change and innovation to gain a breadth of experience and organizational understanding.

Manuel is probably best known for developing and implementing HAUFE’s playful and humancentric consulting approach Rhythmix as well as initiating their WHYral Transformation approach and his passion for playful methodologies at all which he offers through his own company Visionenbauen. With a multitude of interests and networks Manuel is also part of Designthinkers Group and Shiftschool where he strives to inspire people to creatively solve the problems they are facing.

As design thinker and service designer Manuel designs transformational journeys and collaborative spaces for organizations, helping them to put employees and customers needs into the center of all thinking and doing – facilitating change in co-creative settings and leading people into the fields of good new work.