Marketing Strategy Sprint

A Design Sprint inspired workshop process designed to help you understand your customers, articulate your unique value proposition and plan your marketing strategies.​

Created by Karl Filtness – MEOM


When should this session be delivered?

The Marketing Sprint from MEOM can be used for anything from a single marketing campaign to a complete rebrand or product launch. The format is suitable for kicking off a marketing project, or beginning to look more generally at your marketing efforts and create more impactful and strategic marketing decisions

As with many design sprint-inspired methodologies, the marketing sprint can be especially effective if you have a significant challenge in this area which has no obvious or easy to implement solution.

Bringing together your marketing team alongside stakeholders from other parts of the organization for this workshop is a great way to not only understand your goals and customer personas but also articulate what is remarkable about your company or organization.

This workshop is effective in both live and remote environments. Running this session online allows for easy collation of materials, gathering of inspiration from competitors, and the use of existing marketing data and assets. We’d highly recommend running this session virtually!  

Who can facilitate it?

While any facilitator can lead the marketing sprint effectively using the instructions and notes in the template, being familiar with both design sprint methodology and marketing concepts will be helpful in ensuring the success of this workshop.

Often, the head of the marketing side of the organization or someone with marketing and facilitation experience is a good candidate to lead the session: particularly in those later steps where the facilitator will help lead the group towards aligning on the unique value proposition and remarkable factor of the company or product.

Regardless of who facilitates, it’s vital to have decision-makers involved so that any solutions generated have buy-in from the top.

You may also wish to have an external facilitator leading the session if an external marketing guru with more marketing experience is better suited to your goals.

Check out the template details including step-by-step plan with instructions, timings, printable schedule and more

About the author

My superpower is converting complex concepts and theories into simple and understandable forms. This enables me to digest vast amounts of information and turn it into strategies, actionable steps and results.

My diverse background and different leadership positions from listed companies to startups in several industries has given me a broad perspective. The common denominator however has always been growth – luckily this is a universal language.

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