Crafting a Key Message Workshop

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When should this session be delivered?

The quick summary: Often, when people think about “key messaging”, they think about branding, corporate communication strategies and the nuts and bolts of crafting a marketing campaign. Underpinning activities like these with clear key messages is vital, but we believe that key messages have a place in everyday communication, too. 

This workshop has been designed to provide a short, sharp, interactive introduction to why a key message can be helpful and how to craft a key message in a relatively short period of time.

This workshop can stand on its own and is particularly useful for teams or groups who are interested in having a flexible tool in their communication toolkit that they can adapt to their needs.

Crafting a key message, however, is often an essential step that needs to be taken when planning a presentation, speech, elevator pitch, or even a blog post like this. With that in mind, you could also use this workshop template as part of a longer workshop or training programme around presenting, for example, or as a module in a multi-session series of effective communication workshops. 

Who can facilitate it?

Facilitators and managers familiar with designing compelling key messages and leading presentations can easily run this workshop. 

While you can run this workshop offline, it is effective in a virtual setting by using on online whiteboard and a virtual meeting space such as Zoom. We recommend bringing a co-facilitator or tech support to get the most from your session. 

Check out the template details including step-by-step plan with instructions, timings, printable schedule and more

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