The Art of Effective Feedback

A hands-on workshop designed to enable teams to give and receive better feedback.

Created by Skye Suttie – Senior Manager Organizational & Learning Development, Openly


When should this session be delivered?

This session is designed to introduce new managers to giving and receiving better feedback with their team. In just over two hours, it gives participants space to reflect, practice and learn effective feedback techniques they can take away with them and use immediately.

During the session, the facilitator builds opportunities to:

  • Share their experiences and perspectives on feedback
  • Have participants experience feedback techniques directly.
  • Learn some of the theory behind effective feedback.
  • Discuss effective feedback with the group.

The session is ideal as a first step for new managers learning how to work better with their direct reports. It can easily be adapted for established teams want to work on giving better feedback or who have had difficulties in this area. The concepts are also transferrable to youth, education or other group environments where peers wish to give and receive feedback.  

Who can facilitate it?

Experienced facilitators with background knowledge of how to give and receive feedback are well positioned to lead this session. Leaders and managers can also effectively deliver this workshop using the template and accompanying guide. 

Co-facilitating the Art of Effective Feedback workshop is also a great idea, especially with large groups. You may find pairing a team leader or executive with a facilitator is a great approach, with one person leading the process and another adding additional context specific to your organization.   

The session works great in remote/hybrid environments, and using the accompanying powerpoint presentation means you can even adapt it to an async or blended learning environment. 

Check out the template details including step-by-step plan with instructions, timings, printable schedule and more

About the author

Skye Suttie

An educator with experience in secondary, post-secondary, and workforce training settings, I’ve been in adult learning for over 15 years. During my career I’ve had the opportunity to leverage adult learning theory to create and deliver effective learning solutions for students ranging in age from 17-60+. I’ve found that by tapping into people’s existing knowledge and their experiences, it creates a layered learning environment guided by applicability and practicality. 

I love to create facilitator content and training materials and for this particular template on feedback, I wanted to make a topic that many tend to shy away from, more approachable and user-friendly so we can all engage in more impactful conversations that contribute to our personal and professional evolution.

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