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Where do you store data?

SessionLab infrastructure and data is hosted on Amazon Web Services. AWS compliance program is designed to follow international security standards and regulations, while protecting confidentiality and data privacy. Data centres provide the necessary means to operate 24 x 7 and protect data from physical damage and network issues.

Third party service providers we engage to store and process the content you create in SessionLab are carrying out their processing activities within the territory of the European Union: Both in case of Amazon Web Services and Pusher we utilize their Irish data center.

Next to these, we do work with other third party service providers – for example, transactional email and analytics services. These service providers are either located either in Europe or in the US. In case of US. third party service providers, we make sure to work with Privacy Shield participant companies and have Data Protection Agreements with each. The type of data we forward to such providers are typically the user profile data of SessionLab users (name, email, IP, device and browser information), but not the session content that users create.

For more details on the hird party service providers we work with, please refer to our dedicated third party service provider support page.

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