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Are you looking for a way to kick-start your session preparations and start from a full session design instead of a blank canvas?

Apart from duplicating your own session plans, you can also find inspiration in the template library of SessionLab. Templates are available both publicly and privately, let’s see both option more in detail:

Public template library

You can find a set of publicly available workshop templates in SessionLab. These are workshop plans created by expert facilitators who shared their proven facilitation outlines with the community. You can browse among public templates at, review these facilitation plans and also find detailed information about when and how to use these session formats.

SessionLab Templates Library

If you find a template useful, you can make a copy of it for yourself: this will create a new session on your Personal or Team workspace (depending on your choice) and allow you to work further freely based on the template.

Copy template

If you used a template from the library, you may also provide your comments on the initial template to let other people know what works particularly well when delivering this session, or what should others watch out for.

Private templates

By default, any template you create in SessionLab is private. So if you create a template from a session under your Personal workspace, then that template will be visible only to you.

If you create a template from a session under your Team workspace, that template will be accessible only to you and your team members. If you have a session template that you want your colleagues to find easily, now you don’t need to use various naming conventions to mark it. Just add it as a template, and your teammates will know they can find it in your Team template library.

How to create templates?

Template creation is available only with SessionLab Pro or Team subscription. You just need to open the session plan that you want to turn into a template, and under the Export option, choose the ‘Create template’ option. This will create a new instance of your session which will behave as a template from then on. The original source will stay as a regular session at your disposal.

Create template

How to edit templates?

When a template is created, you can only edit it after enabling the editing mode. (This is a significant difference between regular sessions and templates. Regular sessions can easily be edited anytime, while for templates we wanted to prevent accidental editing). Click on the Edit icon next to the Copy button in your template session, and you are able to edit it.

Edit template

How to contribute to the public template library?

You can also get your own session templates featured in the public library. If you want to contribute, write us at and share the link of your session that you want to publish. We will help you with the rest.

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