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Team library

The library allows you to create a private knowledge base for your team. You can add your favourite facilitation resources to the library, and your team members have a centralised place where they browse for facilitation methods and add the ones they need directly to their session plans. Your team members can add comments to library blocks, so you can discuss and evaluate the various methods in your library and have a living knowledge base.

Team vs. Private vs. Public library

By default, every SessionLab user has access to a Public library of facilitation methods in SessionLab. Contribution to this library is voluntarily possible for any SessionLab user if you want to add knowledge to the public domain.

Every user has a private library, where she can add his favourite personal resources, while Team users also have access to a private library which is shared with their whole team.

How to add resources to your Private or Team library?

When you add a new resource to the library, you can decide which library you want to add it to. There are two ways to add a resource to the library:

  • From a session plan: Click on the dropdown icon in the upper right corner of the block that you want to add to your team library. Select the Add to library options.

In the pop-up window, click on ‘Personal’ and then you are able to select from the list of libraries you have access to, including your team library or libraries. When you select your team, click on Add, and then the block will appear in your team library.

  • Directly in the library: Click on ‘Add new resource’, and on the library card select the ‘Create in (your team name)’ option.

Moving library blocks from Personal to Team library

If you already have some library blocks created in your Personal library and you want to make them accessible to your colleagues, you can easily move those blocks to your Team library.

If you navigate open the ‘Methods I created‘ view in the library, open any of the library blocks by clicking on them, and then selecting the ‘Edit’ option.  Then you can choose the ‘Add to team’ option and select your Team library.

Move block from Personal to Team

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