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Public and private content

I don’t want my content to be part of the public library. Does all of the content you create have to be publicly shared?

All content you create in SessionLab is private by default and only shared with people you decide to share it with.

In the library specifically, it is possible to publish library resources. So if you create a library resource (which is private by default), you can make it public if you decide to set its privacy setting to public.

How to change the visibility of a library resource?

When you create a new library resource (e.g. a facilitation method), you need to decide where this should be created when submitting it. In case you are an individual user (not a member of a Team account), then you have one option to choose: Create in your Personal workspace.

If you are a member of any Team account, then you can decide whether to create the resource in your Personal workspace or in your Team workspace. In the former case, the resource is only visible to you, in the latter case the resource is visible to your team members as well in your team library.

Importantly, in each of these cases above you created a library resource that is not public. If you want to make your library resource publicly available – thus giving access to all SessionLab users to use that method in their session plans – you can publish your method. In order to do that, open the method in editing mode, and change the toggle switch next to ‘Public?’

If the resource is public, then you will see the toggle switch being green while in editing mode:

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