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What are the limitations of the Free subscription?

The free version offers the usage of the Session Planner tool and access to Public Library of facilitation methods.

If you are on a Free subscription, you can create up to 10 session plans. If you reach the limit of 10 sessions, you are not able to create a new one, until you have not deleted an existing session, or not upgraded to a Pro subscription. Furthermore, the free version does not offer collaboration possibilities: you are not able to invite collaborators to your sessions.


What happens with my shared sessions, if my trial expires or I downgrade from paid subscription?

If you have invited collaborators to any of your sessions while you were on a Pro trial period, or previously on a paid subscription, then those session collaborators will not be able to access your session, until you are on a Free subscription.

Sessions you are invited to are not affected by your subscription, you still have access to them with the specific collaborator rights (viewer or editor) that were given to you by the session owner.

It’s always the owner of a session who needs to have the right (i.e. Pro or Team subscription) to share a session, the collaborators of a session can be on any type of subscriptions.


What will happen if I have more than 10 sessions when I downgrade to a Free subscription?

You will be able to select which session you want to keep accessible. The rest of your sessions will be locked, but not deleted. They are unlocked when you upgrade to a paid subscription, or you when you reduce the number of your sessions to 10 or under by deleting active sessions.

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