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Find and reuse content from your sessions

SessionLab allows you to easily find and reuse materials from any of your session plans when you are designing a workshop agenda. When you create blocks within a session plan, those blocks become reusable elements that you can find and pull into any new session plan. When you reuse a block, it brings all its prior description, comments and attachments. Below you can find some tips on the easiest ways to find the piece of content you are looking for on your workspace and easily add them to a new session plan.

Duplicate a session plan

You can create a new copy of an existing session plan of yours by duplicating it on your dashboard. If you are on a Pro or Team subscription, you can also duplicate the sessions shared with you. When you duplicate a session, you leave the source session intact and get a brand new copy of that session with you being the new session owner.

Duplicate a session on your dashboard

You can also duplicate a session from directly within the Session Planner tool by clicking on ‘Export’ and then ‘Duplicate this session’.

Find a session plan on your dashboard

If you are looking for a session that you previously designed in SessionLab or a session that is shared with you, you can turn to the Search box on the dashboard. This search will look up sessions from all the workspaces you have access to – so both your Personal and Team workspaces.

The dashboard search looks up content from the session card: it searches in the title, tags and description of your sessions.

Find blocks from other sessions within the Session Planner tool

One of the useful aspects of the modular structure of your workshop agendas in SessionLab is that you can easily find and reuse blocks from any previous sessions while working in the Session Planner tool. You just need to open the Search panel on the right side of the screen, and you will be able to search within all the sessions you have access to (including your own sessions, sessions shared with you, and sessions in your team workspace) by selecting the “In sessions” option from the dropdown menu.

Pull activities to your session from the library

Similarly, you can search within the libraries as well. If you select ‘All methods’ from this dropdown menu, then the search will give results from all the libraries you have access to, including your personal library (Methods I created), your team library, and all the publicly available methods, too.

If you click on the block, you can open it and read the full descriptions, reviews and ratings that it received in the library.

When you decide that you want to add any of the blocks from the search results to your session plan, just drag and drop it into the appropriate place in your session plan. If you search among your sessions, then you are able to find and reuse whole groups of blocks as well.

Copy blocks from one session to another

You can also easily copy any blocks from the session you are working on to another session. Simply click on the dropdown menu on the top right of the block, select copy, choose the session you’d like to copy the block to, and then click on ‘Copy to’. The block will then automatically appear in the ‘Notes’ area of that session.

Copy block to another session

Move or copy blocks between sessions in Multi Plan View

What if you have a session that you want to use as design inspiration? Or simply to compare two workshop plans and copy modules from one to another? The Multi Plan View comes especially handy here, which you can reach from the header of the Session Planner tool in any of your sessions.

Overview button - go to Multi Plan View

The big advantage of the Multi Plan View is that it allows you to load any number of session plans next to each other in a zoomed out view and work with them. By default, it loads the session plan from where you click on ‘Overview’ to open the Multi Plan View, and then you can open any other sessions you have access to in new columns.

The Multi Plan View allows you to get an overview of the sessions you’ve loaded there: you can see the timing, category, and title of the blocks in each of your sessions. If you open sessions in the Multi Plan view, then you are able to move blocks and groups between them by dragging and dropping. If you hold down the ALT key while dragging a block or group, then it will be copied, so the source session will stay intact. (You need to keep holding down the ALT key until you have dropped the block into the appropriate place.) You can also move or copy groups of blocks from one session to another in the Multi Plan View in exactly the same way as described above for individual blocks.

Keep in mind that you can only move or copy blocks into sessions where you have owner or editor rights.

The Multi Plan View is also a great tool to handle workshop or training sessions that span longer than a day. See some tips here about how to handle multi-day sessions in SessionLab.

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