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Customise your team account

There are some customisation options available for your team account:

  • Adjust the colour-coded category labels
  • Add your own logo for printouts

How to change the colour-coding of category labels?

There is a colour-coded category labelling scheme in the Session Planner tool that helps you getting a quick overview of the style and interaction mix of your session plan.

These category labels can be adjusted within each session, but you can also define a default category schema to be applied to all new sessions under your team’s account. You can modify this setting under the Settings tab of your team admin page, in case you have admin rights in your team.

How to add my company logo to the printouts?

You can also replace the SessionLab logo from the printouts with your own company logo, just upload your logo at your team Settings page (see on the image above).

Note that it does not change the SessionLab logo within the application, only on the PDF and Word printouts of your session plans.

How to add my company logo to the library resources that my team creates?

You can add your company logo to the library resources that your team created in order to have a coherent profile image for your library resources. On your team settings page, just simply upload your profile logo, and it will be displayed in the library for the resources that your colleagues add to your team library. Please mind that this logo should be a round version in order to fit well as a profile image

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