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Adding and managing members on your team

How to invite members to your team?

After you have logged in to, on your homepage in the header click on on the dropdown list next to your name, and go to “My Teams”:

On the Members tab you can invite your colleagues to join your team.

On this same tab you see an overview of your team members’ invitation status to your sessions and their contribution to the team’s private library:

  • how many sessions they have created
  • to how many sessions they are invited with editor rights
  • to how many sessions they are invited with viewer rights
  • how many resources (blocks) they have added to your team’s private library

How to assign admin rights or remove your team members?

At the same place, you are able to assign admin rights to any of your team members or remove them from the team. Admins are able to invite further members to the team, change the team logo and default category schema for the team.

If you remove a member from your team, you will have the opportunity to choose from 3 options about how he should keep (or not keep) having access to the sessions he created. (He can remain editor or viewer, or entirely lose access to the sessions he created).
In either case, if you remove a team member, the ownership of his sessions will be automatically transferred to you, so her sessions won’t be lost.

Select if user remains a collaborator of his sessions

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