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Access rights to sessions

Team members have viewer (read-only) rights to any session under the Team’s workspace. Beyond that, you can invite any user to any of your sessions, and assign viewer or editor rights. You can do this if you open any session plan and switch to the Collaborators tab in the right side menu:

With a viewer right, your collaborator can view the session, but cannot edit the session plan, she can only add comments. Out of the all the information of the session, everything except of the Notes tab is visible to a viewer.

With editor right, your collaborator can edit any part of the session and you are able to work real-time together on the session plan.

Furthermore, you can create a Shareable link: this allows the session plan to be shared with people without having them to log in to SessionLab.

An activity indicator signals if your collaborator is online and viewing the sessions (then the thumbnail image of the user is marked with green edge)

Why should I add a team member as a viewer to my session, if she anyway can see my sessions under the Team’s workspace?

  • Anyone who is added as a collaborator to a session receives email notifications when a session has been commented. (this email notification is possible to turn off by the user)
  • If you are invited as a collaborator to your session, then the sessions will be highlighted in the “Sessions shared with me” section if your Homepage.

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