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Introductory Focused Conversation

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The opening of any workshop or training session.
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This is the application of the ToP method, the Focused Conversation Method to introductions.


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Setting: None

Number of participants: 26-50

Time needed: 3 - 45 minutes

Ideal conditions: Tables in a U shape or a square.

Pre-Work Required: the questions need to be thought through for the specific group being worked with.

Level of Difficulty to Facilitate (to be deleted during review): Facilitation skills required


Focused Conversation

(This is an application of the Focused Conversation method to introductions.)

1. Give us your name, your role and something about what you do.
- - - Go right around the room, getting a response from each person. Let the rest of the questions be open to the group to answer as they will.

2. What do you remember from these responses? What words or phrases stood out for you?

3. Were there any surprises?

4. What did you hear that intrigued you? Something that you heard made you want to find out more?

5. What words or images would you use to characterize this group?

6. What connects us and draws us together as a group?

7. What strengths do we have that will assist us in our task?

8. How can we use them to be as effective as possible?

Obviously, the last few questions will need to be tailored based on what you know about the purpose and task. This conversation takes the group from basic information about themselves, through impressions and some interpretation to some initial implications for what they are gather to do together.

You will probably only get a few responses to many of the questions, but it can do the job of them developing an understanding of each other and begins to build a way of relating to each other and their task.


Follow-Up Required: none


Source: The Institute of Cultural Affairs

Derived from: Technology of Participation (ToP) methods.

History of Development: unknown. It was found in the GRP-FACL listserve archives.

Alternative names: The Basic Conversation, The Art Form Conversation, ORID

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