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Systematized Direct Induction

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To involve staff or representative stakeholder in providing input in a change process.


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  • 1 sheet of green paper per participant
  • 5 times as many yellow and 5 times as many blue sheets of paper as there are participants
  • 1 Marker per participant.



Pre-Work Required: Prepare sheets of paper. The Yellow sheets need to have "How to" printed at the top.

Level of Difficulty to Facilitate (to be deleted during review): Facilitation skills required


1. Introductions are used to mix different stakeholders including supervisors and mangers with workers. Everyone is asked to sit at tables of four. The problem to be solved is stated put on an overhead or flipchart.

2. First exercise A green colored piece of paper is passed out to everyone. They are asked to write down the main issue they have in their everyday work. These sheets are collected.

3. The Key problems Yellow sheets of paper with "How to" written across the top are passed out. On this sheet, each participant writes how the organization prevents the current workshop from solving the problems they suggested earlier. Each table has 5 - 10 minutes to discuss the thinking of their 4 participants.

4. Four more Problems Each participant then writes an additional four more yellow sheets.

5. Ranking the Problems Each participant then ranks their problems (5), marking the Yellow slip with the most important problem "1" and the least important "5".

6. Break Take a break and put out blue sheets of paper on the tables.

7. Generating Solutions Each participant selects their "No.1" Yellow sheet problem, and writes a solution for it on a Blue sheet. Each table has a short "buzz" session discussing their solutions. This process is repeated for all 5 Yellow sheets creating a total of 5 sheets per person.

8. Workshop Ends Each participant clips their Yellow "problem" sheets and Blue "solution" sheets together and close the workshop.

9. Subsequent Analysis Each cluster is collected, collated and analyzed to generate a report.


Source: Systematized Direct Induction (SDI) was developed by Bosticco

Derived from: "Systematized Direct Induction (SDI) was developed by Bosticco (1971) and described by VanGundy (1981; 1988)." (Mycoted)

Alternative names: SDI

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  • Could bog down in the naming and ranking of problems, and not get as far as solutions, unless carefully facilitated.

    about 2 years ago