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Circle of friends

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A technique for connecting with people at the opening or closing of a workshop, and hearing each other. Especially recommended for large groups.

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To provide opportunities for participants to interact with each other at the closing of a session. Can be used at the opening or closing of a workshop of a seminar. Especially recommended for larger groups, with a great number of participants.


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    Setting: This method requires a room large enough and with enough open space so the participants can line up in two circles, one enclosing the other.

    Number of participants: 26-50

    Types of participants: Motivated, open and sociable.

    Type of Facilitator-Client Relationship: The facilitator instructs the group on what to do and may also take part in the process.


    1. Divide the workshop participants into two even groups.

    2. The two groups form two big circles, one outer circle and one inner circle. Participants in the inner circle shout be faced outwards, while participants in the outer circle should be faced inwards.

    3. The facilitator instructs asks the participants in each circle to take one step into opposite directions. This means people in the outer circle would take a step to the right and people in the inner circle take step to the left.

    4. The participants interact with each new person while moving around in circles. This can be a greeting or saying goodbye or any other form of interaction.

    Note: The facilitator can also ask participants to make a statement about themselves or any other form of interaction that matches the workshop.


    Usual or Expected Outcomes: Participants get a chance to greet or to say goodbye to other participants. Creates harmony and enhances interaction between participants.

    Potential pitfalls: Inconsistent movement of participants or participants, because participants take different amounts of time to express themselves.  An uneven number of participants in each circle can mean someone is left out.  The facilitator may participate or not in order to provide even numbers.

    How success is evaluated: All participants got a chance to greet or say goodbye to other participants and could express themselves.


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    • This method can create new connections and the possibliity of hearing new perspectives.

      over 2 years ago