Frequently Asked Questions

Dear Trainer!

We collected below a couple of questions you may ask related to the service of SessionLab.

Working with the session plans

How can I create a session plan that spans multiple days?

You can edit several session plans in the same time in the Multi Plan View. This can help you when planning an event that spans several days, coordinating several parallel sessions or when comparing your current session plan to previous ones. You can call the Multi Plan View from any of your session plans, and you are able to create a Multi Plan View with any other session plans you have. Therefore if you want to create a session plan that spans multiple days, you can simply create a plan for each day, and edit them together in the Multi Plan View.

Can I duplicate my session plan?

Yes, you can create a new copy of an existing session plan of yours by duplicating it on your dashboard. If you are on a Pro subscription, you can also duplicate the sessions shared with you.

Can I add goals to my session plan?

Currently you can use the info card of the session plan, or the notes in the Session Planner to add the goals of your session before you start breaking down your training to blocks.

Can I add links to the session plan?

If you type web addresses (starting with http:// or https://) in the blocks they will automatically be transformed into the links.

Can I add files to my session plans?

Yes, directly to blocks. at the moment you can’t add them to the session plan alone, but you can add them to any block (for instance the first one) and then see them in the files overview on the right side.

Collaboration and sharing of sessions

Can I share my session plans with other users?

Yes, you can if you are on a paid subscription.

Can I share my session with other users if I am on a Free subscription?

No, inviting collaborators is only possible with a paid subscription.

Can I invite collaborators that are not SessionLab users?

Yes, you can invite collaborators by adding their email address to the list of collaborators of your session. They will get an email notification and will need to sign up to SessionLab to access the plan. They will be able to see the plan you shared with them even if they only have a Free subscription.

If I invite a collaborator to one of my sessions, can we edit it together?

Yes. When inviting a collaborator to your sessions, you can decide whether you assign viewer or editor rights. With viewer rights your colleague can only view the plan and make comments, while with editor rights you can work together in the same plan, even simultaneously.

How can I get to know if a collaborator commented on my session plan?

You will get an email notification when a collaborator adds a comment to a plan you are owning or that is shared with you. In order not to flood your inbox, such notifications are bundled together and sent maximum once per hour to your inbox. If you want, you can turn them off completely from your account settings.

What can a collaborator with viewing right on my session see/do?

They can see the blocks and all their info (description, length, files) in the plan (not the archived/parked ones) as well as the all the comments made. They can make comments to blocks or session. They can see who other collaborators are. If they are on a Pro subscription they can also copy the blocks from your session plan to their own sessions. However, they cannot make any modifications to your session blocks itself. Collaborators cannot see the Notes taken for a session plan.

Can I assign a collaborator to session blocks?

Yes, you can assign any collaborator you invited for your session to any block.

Into what format can I export my session plans?

Exporting session plans is possible to pdf format. Currently no other format is supported.

What happens with my shared sessionss, if I downgrade from Pro to Free subscription?

The sessions you shared with other users while you were on a Pro subscription will not be anymore visible to them, as long as you are on a Free subscription. The information created during the collaboration (e.g. comments, list of collaborators, etc.) will be still visible for you, but the session will be hidden from other users. Once you upgrade to a paid subscription, it will become visible and accessible again for the collaborators you invited.

Can someone share a session with me, if I am on a Free subscription?

Yes, if that user is on a paid subscription. Users on a Pro subscription are able to invite collaborators for their sessions, regardless of the subscription status of the users they invite.

A session shared with me seems to have disappeared. Why is that?

Managing and sharing a session is entirely the responsibility of the owner of the session (i.e. the user who created it). The owner of the session may decide not to share it anymore with you; not to continue using a paid subscription that would allow sharing sessions, or simply to delete the session. In either of the cases above, the shared session will disappear from your list of ‘Sessions shared with me’.

Account and subscriptions

What kind of account subscriptions exist?

Currently we offer two subscriptions by default: Pro subscription with all the currently available features and Free subscription with limited storage and collaboration possibilities. However we also have Team account available if you want to use SessionLab together with your colleagues. Please reach out to us and we are happy to set you up for a Trial.

What are the limits of the Free subscription?

The Free subscription offers the usage of the Session Planner for a single user the same way as the Pro account. However, in a Free subscription you can only have 10 sessions stored in SessionLab. If you reach the limit of 10 sessions, you are not able to create a new one, until you have not removed an existing session. Furthermore the Free subscription does not offer collaboration possibilities: you are not able to invite collaborators to your sessions.

How can I gain extra storage of sessions or sharing possibilities?

By upgrading to a paid subscription. As an alternative, soon we plan to introduce a referral system that may bring you extra opportunities when inviting new people to SessionLab.

Do you offer educational / non-profit discounts?

If you are a non-profit/NGO and want special rates, please contact us.

What will happen if I have more than 10 sessions when I downgrade to a Free subscription?

You will be able to select which ones you want to keep accessible. The rest of your sessions will be locked, but not deleted. They are unlocked when you upgrade to a paid subscription, or you when you reduce the number of your sessions to 10 or under by removing active sessions.

What if I have reached the limit of 10 sessions in my Free subscription?

If you are on a Free subscription, you are not able to create new sessions as long as you already have 10 sessions in SessionLab. You can free up slots by removing existing sessions or upgrading to a paid subscription.